Shaping the technologies of tomorrow together.

Every day is a new beginning. Learn from the past and plan for the future today. Innovative, reliable and consistently oriented towards the wishes of the market and customers. This is ILAG 2022.

66 years ago, our journey into the world of innovative coating technologies began. We were curious and inventive with many of our products now being looked back upon as milestones. Take a look back with us at what is now history today and we invite you to join us to help shape the technologies of tomorrow.

66 years ago

Foundation of INDUSTRIELACK AG on October 1st, 1955 by Gerhard Bruhn. The company was based in the village center of Lachen/SZ.
The manufacturing program at that time included only special paints and paints for wood and metal paints. At that time, the Swiss furniture industry was the main buyer of many tons of furniture clear coats. The metal paints were used for refrigerators, washing machines, tin packaging, etc. ILAG supplied a respectable customer base both at home and in neighboring countries. In the nearer region, all products were still delivered with their own trucks.
Thanks to the exemplary work and the well-known Swiss quality, a larger property could and had to be bought just 5 years after the foundation. This was found and acquired on the Alpenblickstrasse in Lachen.

50 years ago

50 years ago, ILAG® was driven by innovation, drive and creativity. Many niche products were developed in the very well and modernly equipped laboratories. ILAG-Dur, Ilapanzer, Ilatop, Ilaflon etc. were just a few of the sought-after niche products. Thanks to the acquisition of modern machines, these could also be produced extremely quickly and sold successfully. However, it was clear to the management as well as to the developers that they had to stand out from the ever-increasing competition with special products.
Even then, a non-stick coating for pans and pots from the competition was on the market. ILAG® worked hard to develop a similar (but better) non-stick coating for household items.

25 years ago

In 1996, ILAFLON ® Resist, the first ceramic-reinforced non-stick coating for baking tins, was made available to the market. The ceramic reinforcement made the product harder, tougher and more durable – and ILAG ® was able to garner considerable respect in the coatings industry. A further development was presented as early as 1997. DURIT ® Resist – THE ceramically reinforced non-stick coating for cookware. Now it was time to create a good advertising concept. The advertising agency “Schmengler-Klockhaus” (today: maxmedia) was brought on board. And even after more than 25 years, we are still working very successfully with the agency.

15 years ago

The ILAG® name became an integral part of the non-stick coating industry and the worldwide requests for Swiss quality increased more and more. The thought of expanding could no longer be ruled out.
The thought of expanding could no longer be ruled out. With the opening of ILAG® China, in 2006, ILAG laid the foundation for global locations. Thanks to our Chinese subsidiary, we were able to further expand to a global market.
In 2010, ILAG® USA was founded in St. John, near Chicago. The sales office predominantly takes care of the American market.
Global expansion continued in 2021 and a further production facility was opened in Johor Malaysia. In addition to these production locations, we operate in 49 countries worldwide, this together with many long-standing agents and partners.

10 years ago

The success and growth abroad meant that ILAG® had to again expand their Swiss premises. In order to continue to be successful in the coatings industry, the relocation to bigger premises was unavoidable.
On September 13, 2012 we were able to inaugurate ILAG® at the new location in Wangen/SZ. Our head office is ultra-modern and equipped with the latest technology. 84 employees develop, produce, sell and market non-stick coatings all over the world from our location in the middle of Switzerland.

Today and in the future

66 years ago, Gerhard Bruhn went his own way and relied on special products. This courage and innovation is still the spirit that drives INDUSTRIELACK AG today.
We will continue to provide our customers with coatings that bring them closer to their goals. We live the principle of sustainability to protect the environment and our employees. With our Maximizing Green Programme, resources as well as energy are saved and pollutants avoided during manufacturing. Making better and more durable coatings available to the market and consumers is and will remain our motivation, also to save resources through durability.
Finding and implementing solutions together with our customers is what we will continue to stand for in the future.
We look forward to this challenges ahead and shaping the future with the possibilities we have.



  • 1960

    Aerial photo, ILAG 1. Head Office, Alpenblickstrasse, Lachen
    Aerial photo 1. Head Office – Alpenblickstrasse, Lachen/Switzerland
  • 1960

  • 1965

    Drum storage with laboratory building and production
    Drum storage with laboratory building and production
  • 1970

    Raw material depot
    Raw material depot
  • 1970

    finished goods warehouse
    Finished goods warehouse
  • 1978

    ILACOLOR - First outer coating for baking tins
  • 1990

    Dr. Jens Bruhn: "Environmental protection is a high priority for us - that's why we are increasingly using water-soluble substances."
    Foundation of Unicolor AG (development of a process to paint free oft waste and solvents)
  • 1992

    Dr. Jens Bruhn: "Environmental protection is a high priority for us - that's why we are increasingly using water-soluble substances."
    Dr. Jens Bruhn: "Environmental protection is a high priority for us - that's why we are increasingly using water-soluble substances."
  • 1993

    ILAG® Switzerland - New office building and laboratory area, Lachen
    ILAG Switzerland - Head Office Lachen
  • 1993

    "Presentation of ILAG® and its products in the renowned Paris Match (French Boulevard Magazine)"
    Presentation of ILAG and ist products in the prestigious Paris Match (french boulevard magazin)
  • 1994

    Everyday office life
    Everyday office life
  • 1995

    Lab work & filling plant
    Lab work & filling plant